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2015 – 2017 Officers

2015 – 2016 CDC Officers

Constitutional Officers

President:  Emily Gatfield

Executive Vice President: Adckinjo Esutoki

Controller: James Williams

Vice President/Communications: Jill Keith

Vice President/Club/Affiliate Affairs: Matt Pope

Vice President/Credentials & Roster: Holly Andrade Blair

Vice President/Endorsements: Craig Athon

Vice President/Finance: Jacquelyn Omotalade

Vice President/Issues and Political Action: John Comiskey

Vice President/Tech/IT: Larry Johnson

Secretary: Justin Meyers

Treasurer: Herb Engstrom


Trustee North: Mister Phillips

Trustee Central: Les Marsden

Trustee South: Brenda Ball


Newsletter: Open

Historian: Barbara Pyle-Rogers

Webmaster/Content Manager: Open

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