Sep 19

So Sad to Say That . . .

IT is so sad that any Americans support this . . . . . . whatever!

After 8 months of lies, boasting, outlandish claims, treason and pure evil hypocrisy, there are still Americans who support this . . . . Specter of furious white arrogance. They still believe him and believe in him. How truly dumb can they be?

He is an embarrassment to America and the core principles we aspire to maintain. He is the embodiment of the fears which the founders sought to prevent attaining power over this Democracy. They failed in their attempt with the Electoral College and our Democracy shall fail unless we find a way to cut him and his progeny out our our country and out our lives just as we would cut a invading cancer out of our bodies.

The government of this country is NOT and should not be a profit making entity for anyone. In fact, in the modern view, our countries government needs to protect its average citizens from the overreach of unbridled capitalism and gross profit making entities with regulations on business and taxes on the rich and powerful. And yet, the supporters of this person, mostly middle class white males who should know better, believe that a cheating, deadbeat, two faced, bankrupting, adulterous bum should be able to profit from his position as President while running our nation to his families benefit! Just like the tin-horn dictators of South America that we felt so superior to and used to love to laugh at.

Well, we are just like them now and the joke is on us and it ain’t very funny.

When I see this foul thing on my TV, gloating about his power and oozing his sick rhetoric, I am reminded of the pictures from the 1930s of Italy’s Mussolini spouting his arrogant message to the masses who, at the time, adored him.The images of the two are striking in their similarity of pose, presentation and promises impossible.

I also remember how those same adoring masses rose up and hung Mussolini and then defiled his body in their disgust when his lies were exposed and he failed to deliver on his outrageous promises.

We can only hope for a just outcome when the adoring dummies finally realize how badly they have been used by the trump family and they rise up and join the rest of the nation to extract their revenge.

Sic Semper Tyrannis – Ever Thus to Tyrants! So appropriate this time.

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