Dec 15

Check Out Our New Hate Group Links

Most of us here in California don’t think of hate groups operating near out homes. They are usually something that exists far away.


This is a little like the majority of us Progressives thought that the Civil Rights issue was solved in the 70s and 80s.


Here is a picture of the Hate Groups operating in California as reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center of Montgomery, Alabama for 2016.

We have added a new Crazy, Dumb-shit, Subversive Right Wing, Politically Stupid Links page because YES, we think that you should also be able to see/hear the other side of the reptile communication/information bubble other than Fox Fantasy (News – Yeah, Sure).  The echo chamber which they have set up over the years to pass around their lies and propaganda.

Viewer/Listener Discretion is Advised as some of these sites are totally Devoid of any Redeeming Factors.

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