Jul 02

Our New Fantastically Updated Website


After our illustrious Webmaster managed to destroy our last website, he has been diligently working in the dungeonWebsite-Construction1-300x169 to get this new site up and running. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

This is a work in progress but we certainly hope you will like and enjoy our efforts here. After all, this is really for your edification and illumination about who we are, where we are and what we do.

We really hope that we can motivate you to come to one of our meetings – no obligation whatsoever but of course we will try to interest you in club membership and we have a lot of fun while we educate and inform the citizens. No, you do not have to live here in order to join.


Sep 19

So Sad to Say That . . .

IT is so sad that any Americans support this . . . . . . whatever!

After 8 months of lies, boasting, outlandish claims, treason and pure evil hypocrisy, there are still Americans who support this . . . . Specter of furious white arrogance. They still believe him and believe in him. How truly dumb can they be?

He is an embarrassment to America and the core principles we aspire to maintain. He is the embodiment of the fears which the founders sought to prevent attaining power over this Democracy. They failed in their attempt with the Electoral College and our Democracy shall fail unless we find a way to cut him and his progeny out our our country and out our lives just as we would cut a invading cancer out of our bodies.

The government of this country is NOT and should not be a profit making entity for anyone. In fact, in the modern view, our countries government needs to protect its average citizens from the overreach of unbridled capitalism and gross profit making entities with regulations on business and taxes on the rich and powerful. And yet, the supporters of this person, mostly middle class white males who should know better, believe that a cheating, deadbeat, two faced, bankrupting, adulterous bum should be able to profit from his position as President while running our nation to his families benefit! Just like the tin-horn dictators of South America that we felt so superior to and used to love to laugh at.

Well, we are just like them now and the joke is on us and it ain’t very funny.

When I see this foul thing on my TV, gloating about his power and oozing his sick rhetoric, I am reminded of the pictures from the 1930s of Italy’s Mussolini spouting his arrogant message to the masses who, at the time, adored him.The images of the two are striking in their similarity of pose, presentation and promises impossible.

I also remember how those same adoring masses rose up and hung Mussolini and then defiled his body in their disgust when his lies were exposed and he failed to deliver on his outrageous promises.

We can only hope for a just outcome when the adoring dummies finally realize how badly they have been used by the trump family and they rise up and join the rest of the nation to extract their revenge.

Sic Semper Tyrannis – Ever Thus to Tyrants! So appropriate this time.

Sep 19

Least We Forget

On December 7th, 1941 America was Attacked by the Empire of Japan at Pearl Harbor. This lead to America’s entry into World War II. That war was responsible for over 50 Million humans dying world-wide as a direct cause of the conflict.

On September 11th, 2001 America was Attacked by Saudi Arabian and Pakistani Terrorists at the Direction of Osama Bin Lauden, a Saudi National. This lead to America attacking the Terrorist Organization Alkaida in Afghanistan and later expanding our attack to Iraq – a country not involved but implicated in other Terrorist activities. Eventually, our Democratic President Barack Obama had Bin Lauden tracked down and killed – in Pakistan just a few miles from one of their Military Academies.

Beginning in 2017, the American election system was Attacked by Russian intelligence agencies in an effort to sway the election to a man they wanted as our leader and to disrupt our election process. This has lead to . . . . NOTHING!

The newly elected President (the choice of the Russians) claims that news of this attack is False News. He has venerated Russian Dictator Putin, a murder and leader who has lead his country into ruin, as a Great Man.

The American Republican Conservatives who are currently in charge of both houses of the Federal Government have decided NOT TO INVESTIGATE because such an investigation might cast doubt on their hero – Donald Trump. They consistently put their Party and their WRICH constituents ahead of American interests while stating that they represent a majority of Americans – just another one of their lies.

YOU need to get involved in FORCING our Congress to INVESTIGATE this attack and responding appropriately. At a very minimum, Russia needs to be held accountable, punished by us for their meddling and ostracized by the International Community. We need to retaliate forcefully. Perhaps, we should turn off Russia’s access to the internet at their border – a very doable process – and then make it clear that we will shut off their telephone communications IF they continue to be the aggressor nation in Europe.  These actions would cripple and eventually bankrupt Russia if they refuse to comply. DO NOT FEAR that they would go to war. Their antiquated and demoralized military may be scary to a small country like Ukraine,  but it would NEVER get into an out and out conflict with NATO which would totally destroy them in short order. They may be bullies but they are not stupid.

Jul 19

Social Security Works

 This site provides the FACTS and TRUTH regarding the US Social Security system. Please use it to rebut the right-wing bullpuckey being passed around via the right-wing echo chamber.

Jan 05

Congressional Staffers Tell Us How to Oppose the Trump Agenda

Want to know what you can do to fight back against the reptile conservative agenda which is coming our way?



Written by Congressional Staffers who know what works! Let’s Stop Spinning our ideological wheels and get the rubber on the road!

Jan 02

Reptiles Claim Mandate for Agenda

In a recent article in the Washington Post, David Weigel hits the nail  on the head regarding what the reptiles will do in the coming Congress.

Click here to read the full article.

Jan 01

The 2018 Midterm Elections Campaign Beginning Right NOW

It’s the Midterm Elections Campaign for 2018 beginning right now!

IF you are a Proud, Patriotic, American Democrat and IF you want an honest, just America for ALL Americans, then you need to get up and get back in the game – NOW!

Get involved. Get the truth and get out the information.

Help us help you help America.

Never give up, never surrender.

Get ON your ASS Whistling Donkeyand Vote Democratic ONLY!

Then help Get Out The Democratic Vote

Remember: a vote for a republican is a vote for the reptiles!



Dec 23

We, the Proud, Patriotic, American Democrats.

We understand that the average American voter does not think that they have the time, understanding or overwhelming desire to confront the great powers of money and lies which would destroy our society and change it to an Oligarchy. Yet it is when good people do nothing that the powers of wealth and privilege take hold and do their best for themselves and they always do it with fear, hatred, exclusion, racism and bigotry. They always appeal to your worst instincts and preconceived notions to get you angry enough to “stick it to the Democrats” and then EVERY time you do, America gets weaker and you then get angrier and angrier at what they do and then YOU VOTE FOR THE SAME REPTILES AGAIN!

One of the definitions of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result!

The reptiles screw up the systems of good, decent government and then point at the Democrats as the problem. And YOU, the uninformed voter, believe them!

Remember a time in your life when you bought a used car because the salesman managed to paint a picture of a wonderful, dependable vehicle only to find out later that it was a piece of junk? IF one of your friends said that you got screwed you probably reacted by getting angry with the friend for pointing that out rather than aiming your anger at YOURSELF for being so gullible or at the salesman who knowingly sold you a lemon!

Please don’t hate us for telling you the truth that you have been duped by the reptiles again! BIG TIME by a spoiled, unethical, lying, cheating, bombastic bully boy with a golden spoon shoved up his ass! You fell for it and now the country is going to have to pay for it. Thanks dumb shits!

You, the American voter MUST get off your apathy, sold to you by the right wing for years as “You can’t make a difference” and “Your vote doesn’t count”. You can make a real difference when you join with us and vote ONLY Democratic in elections. Only in this way can “we the people” safeguard our rights and be protected from the wealthy who only look out only for themselves at our expense.

Join us, spend a few minutes a week with us. Turn off fox fantasy and listen to the truth. In your heart of hearts you know that we are right and that they are wrong.  Stuck your pride up your ass and Help us, Help you, have a better life with greater opportunity for your children and grandchildren and a secure retirement for yourself.

You will NEVER get that with them – ever!


Dec 17

A Bit of Perspective


Dec 17

Voter Suppression By The Numbers

Carol Blankmeyer of the Mountain Bears Democratic Club got a letter she is willing to share.

Originally posted to the Mountain Bears Democratic Club Website by Glenn Thompson –

Dear Carol,

The commentariat has been treating Clinton’s popular vote win and electoral vote loss as some kind of anomaly.

Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s simply what you see when right-wing red state voter suppression comes to fruition.

Think about it: we have some states that encourage voting, a/k/a blue states. We have some states that suppress voting, a/k/a red states. Quick quiz: What happens when lots of people vote in the blue states, and few people vote in the red states?
Correct. The candidate who wins the blue states wins the popular vote, and the candidate who wins the red states wins the electoral vote. Q.E.D.

The votes have finally stopped dribbling in. Hillary won 2.7 million more votes than The Donald. She won the popular vote by 48% to 46% — fairly close to pre-election polling. And yet the projected electoral vote is Trump 306, Clinton 232.

Think about that. We call ourselves a democracy, and yet the candidate who won the popular vote – not narrowly, but by 2.7 million, which is more than the total number of people in fifty different nations – she is denied victory. Howzat?
Because in the blue states, voters vote, and in the red states, well . . . .

Since the 2012 Presidential election, Republicans in Wisconsin have imposed brutal voter suppression laws on an innocent electorate. And last month, Wisconsin had the lowest Presidential turnout in twenty years.

But that’s just one state. According to the Brennan Center, fourteen states instituted voter suppression laws since the previous Presidential election: Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The impact is precisely what was intended. Here are the numbers.
The U.S. Elections Project put 2016 turnout among eligible persons (not foreign citizens, not ineligible felons, not children, etc.) at 59%.

There were twenty states that fell short of that. Nine of them instituted new voter suppression laws. Of the 30 states that exceeded the national average, only five had instituted new voter suppression laws.

Texas enacted pervasive voter suppression laws during the last few years. Only 43% of the adult population of Texas, and just 51% of the eligible population, voted last month.
Among the ten states with the highest turnout, Clinton won eight. Among the ten states with the lowest turnout, Clinton won three.
In sum, right-wing voter suppression is working, and it is working bigly, as our President-Elect would say. It certainly worked bigly for him.

Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution guarantees to us a “republican form of government.” And if we allow voter suppression to continue, we will be guaranteed a Republican form of government. That is the clear and present danger.

Rep. Alan Grayson

Dec 15

Check Out Our New Hate Group Links

Most of us here in California don’t think of hate groups operating near out homes. They are usually something that exists far away.


This is a little like the majority of us Progressives thought that the Civil Rights issue was solved in the 70s and 80s.


Here is a picture of the Hate Groups operating in California as reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center of Montgomery, Alabama for 2016.

We have added a new Crazy, Dumb-shit, Subversive Right Wing, Politically Stupid Links page because YES, we think that you should also be able to see/hear the other side of the reptile communication/information bubble other than Fox Fantasy (News – Yeah, Sure).  The echo chamber which they have set up over the years to pass around their lies and propaganda.

Viewer/Listener Discretion is Advised as some of these sites are totally Devoid of any Redeeming Factors.